Service Rules (Note 7)

User Type Service Prerequisites (Note 3) Quotation rights(Note 4) Reward quotation rights Sources of other quotation rights Punishment Remarks
Global Gold supplier (Note 1) The relevant contract shall prevail 1. Pieces of basic quotation rights: 20 pieces/month;
2. Issuing Dimension: company;
3. Issuance Date & Validity Period: Issued on 1st of each month (PST) and valid during the current month.
on the 3rd of each month, on the basis of company dimension,quotation rights will be awarded according to user's performance score (Note 5). You can also obtain quotation rights by purchasing Extra Quotation Packages (s) (Note 6) In the case that user violates the related service contract and/or the rules of, Alibaba will freeze or restrict their quotation rights depending on the specific circumstances. The detailed punishment rules will be issued later.

Quotation modification: Each quotation is allowed to be modified for only one time,

No modifications can however be made if the quotation is rejected because the quotation is made for products that do not belong to the supplier's designated category of products on

The global users that buy Basic Quotation Package of Business Opportunity Service in RFQ marketplace [Note 2] The relevant contract of purchasing business opportunity service in RFQ marketplace shall prevail 1. Pieces of quotation rights: Monthly quotation rights can be obtained according to the purchased product package;
2. Issuing dimension:  company;
3. Issuance Date & Validity Period: The contract shall prevail.


Note 1: The users of that have signed ALIBABA.COM GOLD SUPPLIER™ SERVICES AGREEMENT. Their contracts shall be valid and can enjoy normal services.

Note 2: The users that have signed BASIC QUOTATION PACKAGE SERVICES AGREEMENT. Their contracts shall be valid and can enjoy normal services.

Note 3: The "Service Prerequisites" are the prerequisites for users to enjoy the service benefits. Users who do not meet the conditions are not allowed to use RFQ services.

Note 4: "Quotation rights " refer to the inherent quotation rights of such members.

Note 5: Alibaba will calculate user's performance in RFQ marketplace based on company dimension, so as to reward rights according to performance score of each month. For more information, please refer to  the rules page of performance score.

Note 6: To purchase Extra Quotation Packages, please contact the account manager.

Note 7: The rules will come into effect on October 1, 2016 (PST).

General Terms and Conditions

1. Users of AliSource shall abide by any and all rules and terms and conditions of AliSource and any other relevant website rules and terms of use adopted by shall have the right and sole discretion to make any and all decisions relating to the matching of quotations provided by suppliers and RFQ's submitted by buyers.

2. RFQs are submitted by members of shall not make any endorsement or guarantee as to the profitability, usability, rate of use/review/contact/purchase order, ability to match any quotations with RFQs, accuracy, and reliability of any quotations or RFQs submitted by any supplier, buyer or other members of shall not be liable in any respect to any member for any RFQs submitted by its members.

3. realizes the need to protect the personal information of its members and all members shall abide by the Privacy Policy and any other website rules adopted by Suppliers shall not disclose any information relating to inquiries, quotations and other members that are obtained through the use of AliSource.

4. Suppliers found to be in violation of any rules or terms and conditions of will immediately be barred from submitting quotations for a period time as deemed necessary and appropriate by in its sole discretion. Such suppliers may not be eligible to participate in the Quotation Express program of AliSource for up to 6 months from the date the suppliers has been reported for breach of any terms and conditions of AliSource or any other website rules of

5. reserves the right to refuse to match any quotation that does not meet the Conditions or any other criteria as deemed appropriate and required by in its sole discretion. Examples of such quotations include, but are not limited to, quotations for Incompatible Categories, quotations that do not correspond to the products, quotations with missing information, quotations for banned and/or restricted products, quotations that infringe any terms and conditions for the use of AliSource or any other website rules adopted by, and etc.

6. shall have the right to amend and update any of the terms and conditions for the use of AliSource from time to time as it deems necessary. Members' continued use of AliSource shall be deemed as its acceptance to the amended and restated terms and conditions.

7. You acknowledge and agree that or its affiliates may collect information relating to your location at the time you use AliSource through the mobile app. The collection of your location will be used to enhance your user experience of AliSource as well as the website. Subject to the terms and conditions and any other website rules of, will not divulge any of your personal information to any third party without your consent. does not guarantee and will not make any representation and warranty as to the accuracy and reliability of your location as detected and displayed in the mobile app.