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Why Product Posting Matters

The higher the quantity of the products that you list, the more business opportunities you will have the chance to receive.

*Graph showing the inquiry trend a gold supplier receives over 30 days with the product number on their site.

Products with higher scores will have a higher ranking and subsequently gain more exposure.

*Graph showing the average exposure a gold supplier receives in 30 days based on their product information scores.
High-quality Product Posting Guide
Step by step guide on how to make a high-quality product posting
The title of a product is key in online selling
A good title improves buyers exposure of your product and improves your product‘s ranking.
A good title is half the battle
Structured high-quality titles can help buyers find the products they are looking for more easily. Titles affect product ranking as well as click through rate. A good title should include core keywords and important details, such as material, features and use, and be around 50 characters.
Principles for title drafting
The title is the “soul” that governs all the attributes of a product. A good title should be able to clearly define a product’s functions, features and advantages advantages. Structured titles are logical, enabling buyers to quickly read and obtain key information.
The structure for drafting a high-quality title
Marketing words—Attribute words—Core words—Usage scenarios
Suggested length of a title
A title should be more than 50 characters in length to avoid risking some of the text getting cut off on certain displays.
Examples titles
Use rich keywords to increase the probability of search hits
Keywords can help you to optimize your listing and improve your revenue potential.
The role of keywords
Keywords increase the probability of getting a search hit. At least three keywords are recommended, in addition to product name prefixes and suffixes. All keywords have the same weight in search rankings, so do not enter the same keyword multiple times, but synonyms are recommended.
A good title is half the battle
Keyword fill in path:
【When you want to post a New Product】My Alibaba – Products- Post Products
【When you want to optimize an Existing Product】My Alibaba – Products-Manage Products
How to list keywords
1There should be differences between the product keywords and the title content, including differences in modifiers, attribute words, and core words.
2Input more keywords to increase the probability of a search hit. Each keyword should be less than 128 characters, and you should fill in a minimum of three.
3Product core words must be listed. The use of variants or synonyms of the core words are encouraged to help improve search hits, provided that they are relevant to the product.
4It is prohibited to include keywords that are irrelevant to the product to avoid product information violations.
Sources of keywords
Suppliers can find high-quality keywords through My Alibaba’s analytics and buyer inquiry information.
Recommended internal sources
1My Alibaba-Analytics-Keywords analysis
2My Alibaba-Analytics-Top searches
Recommended external sources
1Google Ad Word
2Keyword tracker
3Google Search Suggest
4MSN AdCenter Keyword Tools
High-quality keyword examples by category:
A picture is worth a thousand words
Recommended standards for product images listed on Alibaba.com
Overall principles of Image requirements
1Image file size should be less than 5MB. Supported formats are .jpeg, .jpg, and .png
2Recommended image size is more than 640px*640px. Images should be clear and easy for buyers to view at a glance
3Drawings or illustrations of the product are not allowed
4Confusing additional objects are not allowed
5Images composed of multiple pictures are not allowed
6Realistic color and smooth edges preferred
Detail requirements for product’s main image
1To rank higher, it's mandatory to have a pure background in main images
2Products should fill at least 85% of the image
3The whole of the product should be visible in the image
4Other products or objects are allowed if they help demonstrate the use or scale of the product
Detail requirements for product's additional images
1Additional images can show the product from different angles, and focus on important details, such as labels
2Infographics that explain product features
3Different usage scenarios for the product
Product's main image examples
Enrich product details
Product details will help buyers to make a decision faster
Buyers will determine whether they should send an inquiry to a supplier depending on whether the description of an item on the item details page is detailed and professional. The completeness and richness of the details will also affect the item’s ranking and exposure on the website. A combination of graphics and text are highly recommended, as this will display the information more clearly to buyers.
Product details format:
Product description:
Combination of graphics and text. Can be separated into the following parts:

Attributes: displaying in a table is highly recommended. Include product model/ material/specifications, and any other relevant information.

Images: Multiple images to show the product from all angles.

Related products: add similar products, providing more choices to buyers and increasing the time that buyers stay on the page, to further increase the probability of an order being made.

Production capability
Materials and processes, production lines and processes, production equipment list and maximum capacity.
Service capability
Reply time, reply rate, pre-sale services, and post-sale services
Packing & Delivery
Packaging, payment, logistics, etc.
Include an FAQ section to help buyers save time and streamline their decision-making process.
Product description examples:
Production capability:
Product Assembling
Plant Area
Service capability:
Packing & delivery:
Do you offer sample orders for LED lighting?

Yes, we offer sample orders for buyers to check and test the quality.

How long will the lead time take for a sample?

A sample order needs 3-5 days.

Is there a MOQ for LED lighting?

The MOQ for LED lighting is 1 piece.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We usually ship via DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It takes about 3-5 business days to arrive.

How do I start an order for LED lighting?

1. How do I start an order for LED lighting?

2. We will make a quote based on your requirements or suggestions.

3. You need to confirm the samples and place a deposit for a formal order.

4. We will arrange the production.

Efficiently Post Products with Bulk Upload
More high- quality products mean more potential buyers. You can upload products one-by-one, or by using the “bulk upload” feature.
Why choose the bulk upload tool?
Instead of posting products individually, you can make broad-scale changes using a bulk upload form. This is an efficient way to manage multiple products, keywords, photos, and descriptions.
There are many advantages to using bulk operations:
Make multiple edits within a single spreadsheet.
Make changes to bulk files offline and upload them once you are finished.
Posting products in bulk saves time and effort.
However, there are no defined rules on when to start using the bulk upload feature. You can refer to the following scenarios to get a better understanding of when you should use this feature.
Using the bulk upload tool

Get access via My Alibaba (i.alibaba.com)-

Products-Bulk upload


Select the relevant category and download the template


Fill in the product information in the template


Upload the template and check status and actions

(Note: Only products with a quality score higher than 3.5 can be uploaded and displayed to the buyers)
Most common errors you may encounter