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Choose Your Deal

The Reseller Market breaks down industry trends, from sales volumes to average profit for products:

  1. Find products you’re interested in and click the post for details
  2. Enter your desired order quantity
  3. Click “Buy Now”

Place Your Order

  1. Enter your shipping address
  2. Confirm your order quantity
  3. Choose your shipping method
  4. Click “Place Order”


  1. Choose your payment method
  2. Enter your account details. All information is securely encrypted.
  3. Pay for your order

     If you choose online payment, Alibaba.com will withhold your payment until both parties have verified that the transaction is complete.

     Learn more about Alibaba.com Secure payment.


Track Your Order

  1. Go to My Alibaba, Transactions & Logistics
  2. Find your order number to check shipping method and status
  3. Click “View more” to see shipping and logistics details

Confirm Order Delivery & Satisfaction

  1. Go to My Alibaba -> Transactions & Logistics
  2. If you've received your order and are satisfied with it, click “Received Products”. This will release your payment to the supplier.


Tips: If you encounter an issue with the supplier and are unable to resolve it with them directly, you can submit a refund request by clicking “Open Dispute”. 

Payment Released

    1. Your payment will be released to the supplier until you click Confirm Order Received.

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