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Livestream Coupon

 (“Terms and Conditions”)


Selected sellers of the Alibaba.com website (“Seller”) will be offering various discounts for their products in the form of coupons to buyers watching a Seller’s livestream broadcast (“Livestream Coupon”) for the “#SuperSeptember 2020 Event” (“Promotion”) to be held between 1-30 September 2020 (“Promotion Period”) to enjoy at least a 10% discount on orders placed with the Seller.

This Livestream Coupon is subject to the following terms (“Terms”):

  • The usage of this Livestream Coupon is subject to the conditions stipulated on the face of this Livestream Coupon, including but not limited to, (i) the quantum of the discount, (ii) the minimum spending requirement on the orders placed with the Seller to be eligible to enjoy the discount, as well as (iii) the applicable cap on the amount of the discount available under this Livestream Coupon.
  • The discount provided in the Livestream Coupon will only be applicable to the value of the order placed with the Seller. For the avoidance of doubt, the discount in the Livestream Coupon does not apply to any applicable tax, transaction fees, costs and/or other related expenses.
  • This Livestream Coupon can only be used once for any one order placed with the Seller who is broadcasting the relevant livestream during the Promotion and not for any other products or events on the Alibaba.com Website.
  • This Livestream Coupon shall apply only to Trade Assurance Orders placed with the Seller on the Alibaba.com Website during the Promotion Period.
  • Any fraud and/or abuse of this Livestream Coupon by you (as determined by Alibaba.com in its sole discretion) will result in the forfeiture of your eligibility to this Livestream Coupon. Alibaba.com reserves the right to revoke any Livestream Coupon, and/or take any legal action in such instances to recover any outstanding amounts from you (if any) without prior notice.
  • This Livestream Coupon is issued by the Seller and not Alibaba.com. Alibaba.com and/or any of its affiliates shall not be responsible, and shall have no liability to you or any third party for any dispute or claim that arises out of your participation in the Promotion or use of any Livestream Coupon. Alibaba.com and/or any of its affiliates will not be liable for the misuse of any issued Livestream Coupon. The Livestream Coupon holder shall be solely liable for all liabilities.
  • Alibaba.com reserves the right to amend these Terms as well as to vary or terminate the Promotion without prior notice to you. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Alibaba.com shall be final and binding.
  • This Livestream Coupon must be applied before payment on the Alibaba.com Website and cannot be used retrospectively prior to the Promotion Period.
  • This Livestream Coupon is not for sale, non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts, and is non-refundable. Alibaba.com reserves the right to collect or cancel any Livestream Coupon used for unauthorized sale.