Online Trade Shows USA

Invite-only trade shows for US wholesale sellers and buyers
to connect live online
Exclusive Interactions. Zero Cost. Zero Travel.
Featured event
Food & Beverage

August 18-21, 2020

What is it:

Social distancing doesn't mean businesses need to compromise on building connections with sellers and buyers, or sharing knowledge and insights. US Online Trade Shows are real-time interactive, curated experiences designed to help buyers and sellers meet — all online. The monthly category-specific events feature top sellers promoting their products with interested buyers ready to do business.

Who will be there:

  • Qualified US manufacturers, wholesalers and brands showcasing their products
  • Verified business buyers looking to buy in bulk
  • Category experts and industry leaders providing insights
As an American company, we are extremely excited to be given this opportunity during the worst economical decline. With the help of Alibaba we are grateful that we can continue to thrive!

Shirley Cheung, Envy Deal

What to expect

Curated interactions

These tailored, category-specific events are invitation-only, designed to build meaningful connections between highly qualified buyers and sellers.

Keynote speakers and exclusive content

Expert speakers present latest trends and industry insights and digital swag bags full of helpful resources for businesses are distributed.

Effective product discovery

Participating sellers present their capabilities and products to interested buyers live streaming from around the country.

1:1 interactions and follow ups

Buyers attend pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings with sellers and continue the conversation on where they can request samples and transact.

Upcoming events

August 18-21, 2020
Food & Beverage

The event where top US sellers of food, beverage, agriculture ingredients, custom
and finished goods meet with interested buyers.


What is the difference between attending as a seller and a buyer?

Sellers produce, own, manufacture, or have inventory of wholesale products that they showcase live during the event. Buyers are interested in purchasing wholesale products or ingredients and attend to connect with sellers.

How do I register for this event?

Are you looking to sell? Or to buy? Or both? Pick the event(s) that you're interested in attending under "Upcoming events".

Why do I need to submit an application?

Both sellers and buyers must apply to participate. These events are meant to connect quality buyers with quality sellers. The application helps us ensure all sellers and buyers are a good fit for the category and have the appropriate products, or have real purchase intent.

Do I need an seller membership to participate as a supplier?

You must be an seller based in the US to exhibit. If you don't have an account with us, don't worry! Fill out the seller application and an expert will reach out to help you set up an account.

What are the requirements to join as a buyer?

Buyers must be verified businesses with the intent to purchase wholesale products of a specific category. Once you submit your application, we will send you additional information to fill out. If you meet the criteria, you will receive the exclusive invitation.

Where are these events located?

These events are all online and will be held over a Zoom conference. You will receive the meeting link once you are approved.