Code of Conduct for Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program


We firmly believe in the value and importance of an environment where all AGI community members feel welcome and safe. This Code of Conduct explains the behaviour we expect from AGI community members interacting at AGI events and across AGI blogs, online forums, and social media platforms. The purpose of AGI events, blogs, online forums, and social media platforms is to assure engaging learning experience and encourage community discussion.



  • 1. Participants are selected through a rigorous application process and are expected to uphold the high standard that led to their selection. This includes upholding a high standard of ethical conduct, integrity and the universal respect for all without distinction as to nationality, gender, language or religion. In case of non-compliance, a participant may be asked to leave the program.


  • 2. Course participants will protect the names and reputation of Alibaba Group and keep them free from any negative publicity or other.


  • 3. Upon request of Alibaba Group, the participant will not share sensitive data and presentation slides from the course with third parties, unless you have permission from Alibaba Global Initiatives of Alibaba Business School.


  • 4. Course participants are not employees, nor spokespersons of Alibaba Group. As such, no events may be organized, articles written or other using the name of Alibaba Group or Alibaba Business School that may mislead third parties without the prior written consent of Alibaba Group.


  • 5. Respect the privacy of other participants - the participant will not share any other's assignments and discussion during or after the course to third parties.


  • 6. Participants are individually accountable for the assignments they submit. Participant must not submit the work of others as their own. If participants want to include someone's opinions or public data from any organization, it must clarify the sources. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty.


  • 7. Participants will comply with the instructions of AGI staff and AGI blog, online forum, and social media platform moderators.


  • 8. Participants will comply with all applicable laws and, in the context of AGI events, all of our event-specific requirements.


Contact Us

If you witness or are subjected to inappropriate behaviour, please promptly contact AGI Learning Facilitator with your concerns.


Misconduct or non-compliance may lead to immediate exclusion of the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program Online Course. Following exclusion, the name of the participant will be removed from the material and he/she will not be entitled to make use of the logo and other references to the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program Online Course.