In addition to the U.S. Dollar (USD), payments made in Chinese Yuan (CNY) are now supported for Trade Assurance orders. This provides greater flexibility to buyers and sellers.
Avoid Fluctuating Exchange Rates
You can avoid the fluctuations of USD exchange rate and exchange your local currency to CNY.
No Extra Currency Exchange Costs
Chinese sellers are able to receive the exact payment amount without incurring extra currency exchange costs.
How to pay for orders in CNY
Inform your supplier
you want to pay in CNY
Let your supplier or yourself draft a CNY transaction
Trade Assurance order for you
Complete your payment via the
International Wire Transfer (T/T) method
What payment methods can I use to pay in CNY?
A: Currently, only International Wire Transfer (T/T) supports payments in CNY.
How much is the transaction fee?
A: The transfer fee depends on the payment amount and will vary based on the bank and region. does not charge any fees.
How long does it take for the supplier to receive the payment?
A: Payments are usually processed within 3-7 working days.
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