Online Bank Payment is a secure and quick online payment method used for large amount transactions. Users can bind payment accounts and perform verification online, and complete payments directly without using a password. Online Bank Payment transaction fees are more favorable than typical international wire transfer fees.
Why use Online Bank Payment?
Lower transaction fees
Trade Assurance supports 20 currencies and 8 payment methods globally.
Easy to use and convenient
After your account is verified, password-free payments can be performed
Pay in your preferred local currency*
You can choose USD or EUR when performing your transaction
*Note:This payment method is currently only available to users who have bank accounts in the United States, France, or Germany.
Transaction fees
How to pay using Online Bank Payment?
Access the payment platform through
Option 1: "All Orders" Page
Find the order you would like to pay for and click "Make payment"
Option 2: Order details page
Click “Make payment”
Option 3: Payment links
Get directed to your order when your supplier shares a link in Message Center