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Ocean Freight
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Ship to 35,000+ US zip codes, and choose from two shipping methods

Less-than-Container Load (LCL)

LCL is a cost-efficient option for buyers who want to save money with ocean freight, but don’t have enough volume to fill an entire shipping container.

Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL orders completely fill one or more shipping containers. This is the best choice for high-volume orders.
How it works
Log into Alibaba.com and go to [Logistics Solution] Page through [Service]. Select [Less than Container Load] or [Full Container Load].
Fill in necessary information and submit your order.
Make sure that your supplier completes the ocean shipping order information.
1. What’s the difference between Alibaba.com Parcels and Alibaba.com Air Express?
The main differences are:
A. Delivery scope: use Alibaba.com Parcels to ship from China to countries worldwide, and use Alibaba.com Air Express to ship from China to the US
B. Delivery time: Alibaba.com Parcels takes 3-5 business days; Alibaba.com Air Express takes 5-7 working days
C. Shipping fee: as a premium service, the shipping fee for Alibaba.com Parcels is higher. Check with your supplier for the actual fee.
2. Where can I ship with Alibaba.com Parcels?
We deliver to all countries except: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Central African Republic, Cuba, Ecuador, Iran,Korea,Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Micronesia, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yemen.
3. Where can I ship with Alibaba.com Air Express?
We deliver to most regions of the US except 266 postcodes.
4. What’s the definition of delivery time?
Delivery time means the time it takes to ship from an Alibaba.com warehouse to your warehouse or door; it does not include the time for the supplier to ship your goods to our warehouse.
5. Can you deliver to an FBA warehouse?
No, we cannot send Air Express shipments to any FBA warehouses addresses.
6. Is there any extra fees beyond the shipping price?
The shipping fee does not include duties and taxes charged by Customs and Border Patrol and other third-party fees.
7. How can I track my shipment?
You can get tracking information on Trade Assurance Order detail page.