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Safe payments

Payment is only released after you confirm
order delivery.

Quick and easy transactions

Complete online ordering, payment and delivery management for express shipping.

Multiple payment methods

Support credit card payments and Bank Transfers (T/T), without disclosing your details.

What is Secure Payment service?

Alibaba.com Secure Payment aims to provide a safe payment service for all parties engaged in international trade. By partnering with an independent online payment platform (Alipay), Alibaba.com provides payment security to both buyers and suppliers.


Escrow Service changed its name to Alibaba.com Secure Payment.

How does it work?

Buyer places order online
If the supplier has not confirmed the logistics arrangements, please contact the supplier.
Buyer Payment
The buyer must make payment within 20 days of confirming the order with the supplier, otherwise the order will be closed.
Supplier ships order
During the delivery period, the supplier must submit the express courier details online as proof of dispatch.
Buyer receives order and confirms online
Payment released to supplier
Tips: Alibaba will send Email notifications to the buyer and supplier at every step of the process. Please be aware that emails from: transaction@notice.alibaba.com are notifications pertaining to your order.

Payment Security and Refund Options

1 Payment Security

Your money is not released during the trade process until you have confirmed successful delivery of the order. Once confirmed, Alibaba will release payment to the supplier. All of your information will be safely encrypted.

2 Full Refund

If the supplier doesn't ship your order on time, or if you don't receive it and it is determined to be the fault of the supplier, you'll get your payment returned directly.

3 Partial Refund & Keeping Products

If the products you receive are significantly different from the product requirements agreed on within the contract, you may choose to receive a partial refund and keep the products.

Resolving Disputes

Contact the supplier

If your order hasn't arrived within the agreed timeframe, or is delivered but isn't as described, contact the supplier via email or TradeManager. Most suppliers will quickly resolve any issues.

Open a dispute to get a refund

If you were unable to resolve the issue with the supplier, you can submit a refund request by clicking Open Dispute before the applicable deadline. This function is available 5 days after the shipping date, and allows you to formally discuss solutions with the supplier.

Escalate the dispute to Alibaba.com’s Customer Service Team

If you are not satisfied with the supplier’s solution, you can Escalate the dispute to our Customer Service Team. We will mediate between you and the supplier to resolve the problem.

We support the following payment methods: