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How one woman-owned business cools the world

Women entering the workforce is possibly the most significant change the economy has seen over the past century. But women taking charge in leadership roles is a more recent trend. Women-owned businesses grew 21% just in the past five years! That’s notably higher than the 9% increase of all other businesses.

Gone are the days of women staying at the bottom of the corporate food chain. 2020 is a new era. Women are taking the business world by storm. Female CEOs and entrepreneurs are the new normal. They are doing things on their own terms, building their own products, and blazing new trails.

Li Hayes is a perfect example of this modern ‘womentrepreneur.’ She saw a need in the market — no product existed to cool menopausal women down during hot flashes. She also recognized the inability of cancer patients to regulate body temperature. Li left her desk job behind to build her product and embark on the entrepreneurial dream.

Li discovered the eco-friendly Lyocell fabric to bring her idea to life. The fabric regulates body temperatures through moisture wicking. Gentle on the skin, lyocell is a perfect silky-smooth material for a fashionable and practical scarf. The lyocell fabric combined with an inconspicuous cooling pack became her final design.

Li worked with an seller to manufacture her product. She now proudly sells her Cool Me Scarf to customers across the US.

Li not only brought her Cool Me Scarf to life, it took her to the Oscars red carpet! An audience of 30 million saw Li walk the red carpet with her Cool Me Scarf wrapped around her neck. Attendees also received her scarf in a special gift bag.

Left: Founder of Cool Me Scarf Li Hayes at the 2020 Oscars
Right: Li Hayes with Kathy Garver at the 2020 Oscars

Womentrepreneurs are essential to the workforce. New ideas come to life because women see a need. The Cool Me Scarf is changing the lives of Li and her customers.

This week's #B2BTuesday Tip:

Do your research — have clearly defined criteria when considering new vendors or suppliers.


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