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How US manufacturers can reach more customers through digital channels

Despite supply chain disruptions, forced closures, and shortages of raw materials, 2021 is looking to be a great year for US manufacturers. Since the economy reopened, manufacturers have seen steady growth as consumers shift to purchasing goods (like new cars and electronics) rather than services (like dining out and traveling).

According to the MarketWatch, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said in September 2020 that its manufacturing index hit 56% in August, up from 41.5% in March. Any reading over 50% represents growth, and a reading over 55% represents expansion. In December, the manufacturing index hit 60.5%.

Although the manufacturing index slipped to 58.7% in January 2021, manufacturers are still rapidly expanding, anticipating more growth, and expecting a stronger economy. A key reason for this growth mindset could be due to manufacturers pivoting to ecommerce.

In late 2020, commissioned a survey of 5,015 US B2B SMBs to understand how they are feeling about the economy and what they are thinking for the future. One of the key insights we found was small and medium-sized business (SMB) manufacturers surpassed other industries in digitization. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our survey found that manufacturers' online B2B trade increased 8% — twice the rate of the overall 4% increase in all industries for the same period.

US manufacturers can tap into new markets by getting online. Buyers from around the world look for the prestigious “Made in the USA” label that stands for quality. And at, we're seeing this global demand firsthand. For example, 40,000 unique visitors search for supplements and nutrition products on a daily basis. US-based sellers in top categories are sought after and can receive bulk orders from around the world.

As US manufacturers lean into ecommerce, we decided to help them accelerate their digitization journey with initiatives like the US Online Trade Shows and the Digitization Sprint for US Manufacturers.

Now, we’re reimagining these programs and taking them one step further. From February 8-21, we’re bringing you the Made in the USA pavilion as part of the Global Products Expo.

This two-week event is designed for buyers to connect with 200+ top US sellers in 10+ categories on These sellers will showcase their products and capabilities with in-depth demo videos and virtual factory tours. See something you like? Message the seller directly!

All who attend can browse a daily list of curated product recommendations, handpicked for your specific business needs. You’ll also receive a digital swag bag full of deep discounts and more. Attend the show.

This week's #B2BTuesday Tip:

Decades ago, it was enough to just have an online presence. Now, a sophisticated ecommerce strategy is a key way to acquire new customers and increase sales. Digital channels also allow manufacturers and distributors to sell direct-to-consumer, or DTC.

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