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Trade Assurance: increase buyer confidence

What is Trade Assurance?

Launched by 5 years ago, we have processed over 6 million orders and served over 2 million global buyers.

Trade Assurance is an order protection service, which also enables online payments on It boosts buyers' confidence in transacting with sellers. Trade Assurance orders are backed by a refund and dispute determination policy in the event that the seller fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what has been agreed upon.

What does this mean for US sellers?

  • You can now receive payments through Alipay on our platform
  • Your buyers can shop confidently based on product quality and shipment date specified in the trade contract
  • Trade Assurance is a commonly used search filter, and signing up will improve your search ranking on our platform
  • No hidden or recurring fees. A 3% transaction fee is charged to the seller per order (tax exclusive), and nothing else
  • No commitment. Even after you have registered, you do not have to use Trade Assurance or pay on-platform for every order

How do I apply for Trade Assurance?

Note: you must first complete payment for Gold Supplier membership, and pass the authentication and verification process.

Log in to your account and navigate to "Help Center" on the left hand side. Click "Authentications & Verifications". Click "Get verified now" and a popup will appear. Check the "I have read and agreed to these rules and Trade Assurance Services Agreement" and click "Apply Now".

Fill in the form fields. "Full legal name" should be of the owner or director of the business. Click "submit".

Typically you will receive the results within 2 business days.

Other ways to register:

  1. Log in to your account and click "All orders" from the left hand navigation. Click "Draft Trade Assurance order"
  2. If you have been a paid member before July 25, 2019, log in to your account, and use the following URL:

If you failed registration, it may be because you provided an incorrect company name or business address. Please modify the form as the system indicates and resubmit, or contact the Alibaba customer service team.


Why can I not register successfully?

There are several possible reasons for trouble during registration. To correct for the most common reasons:

  1. Check if you provided the correct company name. If needed, modify the form and re-submit.
  2. Check if you provided the correct business address. If needed, modify the form and re-submit.

What does Alibaba charge for Trade Assurance?

The transaction fee of Trade Assurance for sellers is 3% of the total order amount (excluding tax). There is no fee for buyers.

Which buyer payment methods are accepted?

Buyers can pay using credit card or debit card (VISA/MasterCard/Amex).

Is there a fee for withdrawing funds through Alipay?

Yes, there is a fee of US$1 per withdrawal.

How do I process a buyer's refund request?

After submitting a refund application, the buyer will enter into a negotiation period with the seller. During negotiations, you as a seller can either agree or propose a new plan. If the buyer does not respond for more than 7 days, the refund application will be closed automatically.

If the two parties cannot reach an agreement after 3 days of the refund application being submitted, the buyer can apply for intervention or may continue to negotiate with the seller.

If no agreement is reached by the buyer and the seller within 30 days from the date of the complaint, and the Buyer has not requested intervention but has not withdrawn its complaint, on the 31th day from the date of complaint, the system will determine whether supporting evidence will be required to be provided by the Buyer and/or the Seller. If supporting evidence is required, then further rules will apply on the provision of such evidence.

During the 30-day negotiation period, if for any continuous 7-day period whereby the Buyer has not responded to the Seller at all, the system will close the complaint case; or if the Seller has not responded to the Buyer at all, the system will escalate the complaint for intervention.

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