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Two Merits of Japanese Supplements

・Japanese supplements help to keep body healthy and young

・Even a busy person can stay beautiful by consuming Japanese supplements



Secrets of Japanese Supplements


Generally speaking, people thinkJapanese look younger than their age. It doesn’t merely mean Asians look young, but there may be a reason for it. That is Japanese people’s high level of beauty consciousness, caring their skin, hair and anti-aging.


However, there is a growing number of people who want to shorten the time spending on beauty care as women’s social advancement accelerates. That is why alternative beauty care products such as large volume facial treatment mask, facial massager and massage rollers have recorded fine sales revenue. Also, special treatment products have become daily care products which are more familiar to consumers’ lives and it leads the year to year sales growth of beauty supplements.


Nowadays, beauty self-care is necessary for contemporary women and it is today’s trend. Furthermore, it is widely known that Japanese have long life expectancy. Their attention toward health consciousness reflects the outcome of Japanese supplement market research report.


The report indicates that women in their 60s spent the most money on supplements compared to other generations, followed by women in their 70s, men in their 70s. This finding suggests that the elderly who are aware of their health and anti-aging are likely to be the major purchaser of supplements. 



International Trade Administration (2016). Asia Personal Care & Cosmetics Market Guide (2016). [online] Available at: https://www.trade.gov/industry/materials/AsiaCosmeticsMarketGuide.pdf, p.59 [Accessed: 14th Dec 2017]

Start your healthy and beautiful life with a wide choice of Japanese supplements!

Drink Type
An easy to digest supplement and comes in various flavors.

For beauty

Active ingrdient: collagen

For health

Active ingrdient: green vegetable

For anti-aging

Active ingrdient: enzyme

Pill Type
An easy to carry compact size supplement

For beauty

Active ingrdient: enzyme

For diet

Active ingrdient: dietary fiber


For sleep

Active ingrdient: herbal