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There is one thing about Japan that never fails to impress tourists that come

from all corners of the world: Japanese stationery. Japanese stationery is popular

in the world for its high quality, multi functions, handiness, and sophisticated design.





The diligence of the Japanese which is an old nationality has raised the quality of Japanese stationery to the

utmost limit. In addition, Japanese who have "heart of hospitality" have always been working on product

development based on comfort of users. Considering the use in a quiet environment such as in a library, for

example, a mechanical pencil which examines parts so as to minimize the metallic sound "tick" of a pen tip as

much as possible; a woman who has a small bag can carry it without hurting the document with clear files that

can be folded in triangles. Such careful attention and thoughts can be seen in Japanese stationeries.


Small and colorful. Some with fragrances

and others in the form of characters,

eraser is recommended as a popular

souvenir from children to adults.




In Japan, lovers of do-it-yourself crafts

have lifted masking tape from its mundane

industrial beginnings and transformed it

into an eye-catching item that can add a

touch of color to almost any project.



Sticky notes with cute design are perfect

for souvenirs for students and working

women. Japanese sticky notes are rich in

designs such as animals and characters,

and there are also Japanese patterns like

sushi, sumo and Mt. Fuji.




Erasable pen is a new type of ballpoint pen

that letters written can be erased. After

writing the letters, rub with the attached

rubber, the letters will disappear and you

can rewrite it again in the same place.





A Japanese-made fountain pen is very

suitable for writing beautiful Japanese-style

letters. You can buy a fountain pen at less

than $ 20 as a piece of everyday use or a

special one to cherish for the rest.



As Japan's "manga" became well-known

to the world, art supplies from Japan

becomes very popular, too. Abundance of

color, delicacy of the brush tip, etc. are

desired by worldwide artists, and Japanese

art supplies just satisfy these needs.




Thanks to a winning combination of practicality, variety and exuberant creativity,

the popularity of Japanese stationery goods is growing worldwide.

Why not try it yourself?

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