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Tips to improve your Product Category
The importance of a good Product Name

Your product name is shown to buyers everywhere where you product is displayed. Statistics show that effective product names with accurate and relevant keyword(s) have a 15% higher click-through rate than poorly named products on Alibaba.com.

How to set a good product name?

1.Where to improve your product names?


Or, you may refer to the Listing Optimization tool in your Alibaba account to improve your listings. You will find your product names to be improved listed out as in circled in red area.



2.Tips for making a good product name


1) Select keywords based on what users are searching for



2) Product name shall include the key product features.
Try to include industry standards, acquired certificates, product series, brand, abbreviation, full name, etc. in the product name.

Eg. Product -Laptop



3) Give various product names for similar products


4) Avoid special characters, such as + \\\\ “” in the product title


5) Avoid repeating keywords in the product name


6) Never use only a brand name or model number as a product name

Here are comparisons of good and bad product names:



Bad Product Name

Good Product Name

Product Information is not complete


100% cotton Adults T-shirt

Title lack of core product words


Bamboo Fabric


Watch-styled MP3


JX 01 Combined Tools

Title repeat


95 Cotton 5 elatane men printer t-shirt

Product name placed behind the function

MP3 function-mobile phone

Mobile Phone-MP3 function

No space before brackets

Bottle Making Machine(XD2)

Bottle Making Machine (XD2)


Title misspelled 

Dinnning Table

Dining Table

Gas Lightere

Gas Lighter