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Tips to improve your Product Detailed Description
How to improve your Product Detailed Description?

1. Where to improve your Detailed Description?


2.How to make Product Detailed Descriptions

 1). Include more product features, such as materials, sizes, quality standards, parameters, packing options and stock situation. You may put them in a table. 


2) Include more product  photos, or factory related photos  to present your products or  company capabilities  


3). Organize coherently. You may Arrange in bullet points and highlight important keywords.


4).You may use the system Navigation templates to arrange your product information coherently.

Product Details Navigation: 
Product Details Navigation is a navigation bar that the supplier adds to the content of product details. It helps both suppliers and buyers in the following ways:

For Suppliers:
i. Divide product details into different sections to facilitate editing or managing the content, especially when it is very long. 
ii. Save efforts to type the navigation tag manually as the tag can be added to the content of product details automatically by clicking the corresponding tags.

For Buyers:
i. Read the product details more clearly
ii. Quickly position the section they want to read by the anchor

  Option 1: Standard Editing

There is a section labelled “Add Navigations” in product editing page. Choose the tag you want to add and put the content in the corresponding sections.


  Option 2: Smart Editing

You can follow industry templates by choosing Smart Editing to introduce your products.

Please see different templates for different industries. Choose the most relevant category template and get started.



  1. Do not use photos to replace your description, because the content in photos can't be recognized by search engine.
  2. Do not give description in a big mass or long paragraph. Put the content in different parameters and list them line by line.
  3. Instead, extra photos can be placed in detailed description to further give visual effects of your products, in different angles, colors, sizes, appearance, specifications, etc.