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Do you ever wonder why Japanese

show so much respect for the reso-

urces they have? It is because that

the concept MOTTAINAI has been

embedded into Japanese culture.



MOTTAINAI in Japanese refers to

physical waste and to wasteful

action. Read this article to get to

know more about MOTTAINAI

and Japanese used markets.


MOTTAINAI is an ancient Buddhist term from

Japan which means to respect for the resources

around you, to not waste resources, and to use

them with a sense of gratitude.


It is conveying a sense of regret concerning waste.

The expression "Mottainai!" can be uttered alone

as an exclamation when something is wasted,

meaning "what a waste!" roughly.






Japanese environmentalists have used the term

MOTTAINAI to encourage people to practice "

3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) ", and Kenyan

environmentalist Wangari Maathai used the term

at the United Nations as a slogan to promote en-

vironmental protection which is called MOTTAINAI

Campaign. So far, MOTTAINAI has been spread

around the world as a common keyword for

conserving environment.


Because of the prevalent of the MOTTAINAI

culture, the Japanese used markets are so far

very prosperous. There is a wide variety of

second-hand markets in Japan, such as used

clothes, used car tires, used electric equipment

and all categories you can imagine.







Japanese used products are popular from over-

seas customers for the items are clean and are

properly repaired by shops when you purchased

them. Moreover, since a maintenance guarantee

period is usually attached to the sold products,

there is no need to worry about quality issues.


At Alibaba.com, there are numerous suppliers who would like to deliver Japanese

high quality used goods to the world with the spirit of "MOTTAINAI".


Today, we are confronted with several urgent challenges from the rapid depletion of resources.

The earth needs us to choose a more environmentally friendly lifestyle like "MOTTAINAI".

By using second-hand goods, you can also incorporate MOTTAINAI into your life from now.

So what are you waiting for?