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Meet Our Team
Meet Josh Price, Director, Strategy and Operations, of Select North America
Josh Price
Director, Strategy and Operations, of Select North America

Appreciates live music
Enjoys hitting the course for a round of golf
Loves treating himself to ice cream

Josh leads the Select team in North America, working hand in hand with institutions — hospitals, healthcare systems, hospitality groups, and even government agencies — sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). When he’s not busy sourcing PPE for those who need it most, he loves playing golf and enjoying a scoop of ice cream on the side. Find out why Josh loves working at

What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

Helping healthcare systems and hospitals access PPE to protect their employees, frontline workers, and first responders. Being able to help during such a time of need feels great. It’s more than just a job to me. It’s the chance to do good every single day. We’re helping those who are hurting due to the pandemic while protecting healthcare workers and first responders.

What tools have you implemented?

A lot of hospitals, healthcare systems, and government agencies reached out to when COVID-19 hit, asking for help finding PPE suppliers. We were able to support them because of our global capabilities and the supply donations from Jack Ma, Joe Tsai, and the Alibaba Foundation. We launched Select, a one-stop solution for sourcing critical supplies, as a way to overcome the challenges these institutions face.

I lead Select in North America. That means I work hand in hand with institutions sourcing PPE, understanding their capabilities and needs. Together with our global teams, we find the requested product and help these institutions every step of the way, whether it’s monitoring production, facilitating payment, or inspecting the final goods.

Why should institutions purchase through Select?

Institutions that need PPE are facing new challenges when it comes to getting critical supplies needed to protect employees, patients, and customers. Select is a convenient global sourcing solution where buyers can turn for hand-selected products and logistics services they can trust. Buyers just need to tell us what they need, and our team gets it quickly, securely, and reliably.

What sets apart from other ecommerce platforms?

A few things set us apart. We have an enormous network of vetted suppliers around the world and a team around the world. That makes it possible for us to help buyers and suppliers across multiple time zones. Our team is also made up of industry experts in various areas of the supply chain, so we support buyers and suppliers in pretty unique ways.

What’s your greatest accomplishment at

We’ve been able to source and ship millions of PPE for various healthcare systems, hospitals, and government agencies around the world since the pandemic started. Being able to help them at such a critical time is what I’m most proud of and is one of my greatest accomplishments at

Visit Select for quick, reliable, and secure PPE sourcing.

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