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Meet Jonah Mandel, Head of Customer Success for
Jonah Mandel
Head of Customer Success for

Loves to travel
Enjoys playing hockey and basketball
Huge fan of the Detroit Lions

Jonah's sales team is responsible for helping North American businesses sell to a global audience, and talks to a minimum of 50-100 sellers daily about how to best use the platform. When he's not driving new business leads or helping clients make their first international sale, Jonah is busy running one of his many entrepreneurial ventures or cheering on the Detroit Lions. Here's what Jonah loves about working at

What brought you to

I was drawn to because I've started a few small businesses myself, including a loyalty program and a laundromat here in Manhattan. I also run a framing business with my mom out in Michigan. I was working with a manufacturer that kept raising their prices to a point where I couldn't make a margin selling on Amazon, so I transitioned to and was able to find a global manufacturer that helped me drastically lower my costs. It's exciting to see how I can help sellers in a similar capacity.

What sets apart from other ecommerce platforms?

We're an ally to small businesses. Our customers are very comfortable selling products on because they know that we are never going to undercut their pricing. It's a B2B platform, so they're in control of the price range. We also have 10 million active buyers spanning over 200 different countries, who aren't just logging in but taking action like submitting inquiries.

How would you describe the sales team culture at

Our sales team is kind of a hybrid between a research and sales team. We collect customer insights and feed them back to the marketing and product teams, so we can truly figure out what our customer needs are and how we can drive value for them. We also pride ourselves on consultative sales and making sure we're acting as partners to the sellers.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

It's cool to see a business that has 3-5 employees and has never sold or shipped a product overseas get their first international sale. We're all about helping small and medium businesses compete with enterprise companies.

Staff quote
"Our sales team is unique in that it's very research-driven. We're always looking for new customer insights that will help us drive value for buyers and sellers."
Jonah Mandel
Head of Customer Success,