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#6 Japanese Alcohol  

A drinking culture nurtured in the Japanese natural environment      

Drinking is very important for Japanese society. Drinking parties, typically held at restaurants and Izakaya, are a traditional activity that are used to strengthen both social and business ties.

The Beginning of the Sake


The root of Sake was actually not for drinking, but for the offering. This is the reason why there are still so many drinking events that are related to ritual in japan.




Until today, there are more and more liquor are imported to Japan. As the variety of liquor increase, the way of Japanese people drinking have changed. Today, Sake is used as communication tool in many situations.


Japanese people goes to see cherry blossoms as the spring come. Then they have fun eating and drinking with their family and friends.


Firework Festival

In Japan firework festival is one of the most popular event in summer. There will be a lot of food stands and bar along the street.

Year-end Party

People gather and drink to forget the unpleasant memories of the passing year and to prepare oneself to welcome the New Year in a serene mind. It is usually held among office colleagues.



In Japan, people drink sake quietly and feel the nature on full moon day which is on Sep.15. This is one of the oldest tradition.




・Beer is most popular drink in Japan and the consumption is actually more than sake. Usually Japanese people start with toasting with a glass of beer.

・The alcohol content: about 4-6 %




・Sake is produced by the multiple parallel fermentation of polished rice. The sake which we usually drink is clear and colorless and has sweet scent and taste.

・The alcohol content: about 15-16 %




・"Shochu" is the liquor made by fermenting grain or sweet potato. It is mainly produced where the climate is warm.

・The alcohol content: about 20-25 %.




"Umeshu" is one of the most popular Japanese liqueur, and is made from steeping ume fruits (Japanese apricot) in shochu and sugar. It has a sweet, refreshing and sour taste and amber color like whisky.




"Chuhai" is the shochu with soda water and a flavor is mixed into it. There are so many kinds of flavors. Like lemon juice, grapefruit juice, umeshu, oolong tea and so on. It is refreshing drink, and you can drink at Japanese style pubs call “Izakaya”.