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How one upstart warranty provider found success on
Jermaine McDonald
President of Jacana Warranty


The idea for Jacana Warranty was born in late 2016 when a group of entrepreneurs set out to disrupt the warranty business. Jacana Warranty wanted to give the public better options for managing warranties through a digital platform. They aimed to do away with huge call centers and middlemen by providing better control and value to their consumers — ultimately building and sustaining a loyal base of repeat customers.


The Jacana Warranty app was ready for its debut in 2018. They launched a social media marketing campaign and worked with ecommerce retailers to bundle their warranties with their products. Jermaine McDonald, President of Jacana Warranty, knew that the key to finding and converting their ideal customer was to use manufactures and distributors as the gateway of their marketing process. and the possibilities the platform represented immediately came to mind. McDonald stated, “Even touching a small percentage of people on the platform would be a game changer for us.”


Jacana Warranty set up a storefront on in 2018. Since then it has shown to be a massive sales channel for Jacana Warranty. The vetting process that has in place for its suppliers lends Jacana Warranty credibility and allows them to list their warranties alongside a mix of global and US manufacturers. Jacana Warranty uses a variety of organic traffic keyword advertising to target the products they offer warranties for, such as appliances, cell phones, and bicycles. They are also targeting insurance-related keywords and planning to offer discounts as extra incentives during the upcoming holiday season. “Getting on has been a boon for Jacana Warranty. Thanks to our storefront on, we are able to effectively reach our target audience and scale up our business,” added McDonald.

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