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Here you can see suppliers selling real Japanese matcha.

- from historic tea farms all over Japan -


The uniqueness is the reason Japanese green tea attracts people.

Safety and tasty with great quality

High quality and expensive tea makes everything different.





The Number of Matcha Suppliers on Alibaba.com



All Regions                                          Japan











The green tea market of the world is huge. On the other hand, that of Japan is compact. However, we don't think it can be our disadvantage in green tea business, because the green tea we provide is totally different from ones you can get in other countries.

As the popularity of green tea rises, the number of its suppliers has been increasing. At the same time, most of their products are manufactured massively and cheaply. Because of this, it is getting more difficult to find true green tea leaves and matcha.

If you are tired from "fake" green tea, please check suppliers introduced below this page. What we provide is the value of gaining high quality and expensive green tea products























































Our suppliers are ready to start business with you!






We prioritize buyers at all time.

We hope to cultivate long-term relationship with them.


                   - Masaki Okubo, CEO of Kogetsuen Inc. 




Our goal is to provide superior products to customers,

and assist them throughout their shopping experience.


    - Yasumasa Yamamoto, CEO of Tozando Co,. Ltd.