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Getting started
Getting started on

You've signed up to sell on what? This guide walks you through the 6 steps to set yourself up for success.

Onboarding steps

1. Welcome to

You'll receive an email from one of our onboarding team members after your payment is processed with instructions to complete your business verification and to fill out the product upload template.

2. Complete business verification

In order to sell products on, you must verify your business with specific documents like your W-9 and articles of incorporation. Once your business is verified, your 1-year membership begins.

3. Fill out the product upload template

Our onboarding team takes care of uploading your products to — but they need some information to do so. Fill out all the required fields in the product upload template, and our team will get your products online in no time. Check out the video below for a step-by-step overview.

4. training call

After your business gets verified and you've filled out the product upload template, it's time for your training call. Our onboarding team will walk you and your team through selling your products on We suggest having all your team members on this call.

5. Full account operation for your first 90 days

Once your verification is complete, the first 90 days of full account operation begins! Your certified service partner will request access to your account so they can handle the day-to-day account maintenance on your behalf to save you time and improve your performance.

Here's what's included:

  • Responding to new buyer inquiries within 24 hours to maintain a high "quick response rate", a critical seller performance metric on
  • Launching and managing your first keyword advertising campaign to drive impressions and clicks to your products
  • Optimizing your product listings to ensure they perform the best they can

After 90 days you have the option to take over the daily account maintenance yourself or continue the full account operation service for $150/month.

6. Terms and conditions agreement

This is your final step of onboarding. Review and agree to our terms and conditions and you can start selling your products. Check out how to grow your account for our best practices to generate more leads and maximize your sales.

Watch the video below for an in-depth overview of the six onboarding steps:

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