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Get answers to common questions about B2B selling on

As an seller, you get more than a digital storefront on a global marketplace. You get an end-to-end wholesale service platform calibrated to help you grow your business, and help you provide services to your buyers. This is your opportunity to expand your sales and reach new wholesale customers. Schedule a call now to start selling.

Wholesale companies looking for wholesale buyers. Manufacturers, distributors, and brands see the most success when selling on

BV stands for Business Verification. To activate your seller account, BV is a critical component as it establishes the validity of your company. Submit BV information here.

No longer than 24 hours.

Use the Bulk Upload button under the Products tab. Follow the onscreen instructions to provide information like product name, price, minimum order quantity (MOQ), and more.

You can list your products a variety of ways, but the preferred method is using the lowest unit price (i.e. milliliter, miligram, pound, ounce).

Upload videos under Videos in the Products tab, in your account.

Trade Assurance is the order protection service. It allows you to transact on the site and protects both the buyer and seller in the case that something goes wrong with the order. Follow these steps to apply for Trade Assurance:

  • Visit the Help Center
  • Choose Verifications
  • Use the Apply for Trade Assurance button

You have three advertising options on

  • Custom campaigns: sellers start with any products they want to promote. They can then subgroup the products to test out which receive the most interest from buyers.
  • Automatic: sellers promote every product they have
  • Smart marketing: sellers use the algorithm to help promote products

Yes, we offer high-touch account management services. Contact your account manager to find out more.

Brand authorization is required to show that you are legally allowed to resell a company's products. We accept invoices and direct authorization letters.

You can submit your brand authorization by following these steps:

  • Visit My Alibaba
  • Use the Shop option
  • Choose Edit Profile
  • Submit your brand authorization under the Certificate Center
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