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Meet Daniel Huber, Customer Success Manager at
Daniel Huber
Customer Success Manager at

Born and raised in New Jersey
Huge fan of FC Bayern Munich and the New York Jets
Enjoys exploring new bars and restaurants with friends

Daniel has been working on the US Success team since 2018, guiding B2B suppliers from all over North America through their first steps to selling on a global stage. When he's not busy onboarding new sellers and helping them master the tools they need to succeed, he loves cheering his favorite sports teams and scouting out a new bar or restaurant with his buddies. Find out why Daniel loves working at

What should suppliers know about selling on

Suppliers should understand that we have the right basis and the right starting point for you to do business with anyone, anywhere around the world. The biggest thing is just getting the foundation laid and understanding what you're doing, who you're doing it with, and what value you're bringing to the table.

What are some of the main questions sellers have when they start?

Let's say a seller gets an inquiry from somewhere in Denmark. The first thing they're wondering is "How do I get my stuff there?" If suppliers have never shipped outside of the US before, they're not quite sure how to get their products overseas. Then they wonder about things like timing and cultural differences. I help bridge that gap and let them know that alleviates a lot of those issues by helping you transact directly on the site and utilize our support team.

Do you have a favorite seller success story?

We had a supplier come in recently who sells a noodle substitute made out of yams. She was a former chef before owning a restaurant and expanding it, then decided she wanted to actually produce her own food. As someone who wants to own their own business one day, it's nice to hear these stories and learn from people about their journeys.

What advice do you have for sellers to find success on

Master the basics. With, there's a lot of levels and functions that sometimes confuse sellers, so at the real core of being successful on the site sellers have to understand the basic tools. That means uploading products that are going to score well on our site, having template communications to deal with inquiries coming in from all over the globe, having your products match that worldly feel, and using keywords that will resonate with people from different countries.

Staff quote
"A lot of suppliers wonder about shipping, timing, and cultural differences when they start selling globally. I help bridge that gap and show how alleviates those issues so suppliers can focus on running their business."
Daniel Huber
Customer Success Manager,
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