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Two visionaries take the homeopathic industry on an educational journey


Christopher Visser and Jennifer Jellison were avid enthusiasts for cannabidiol (CBD) products, but they realized there was not a singular source that provided trustworthy information for the everyday consumer to find research-based information and facts about CBD products and impacts. To close that knowledge gap, they gathered extensive research and studies, connected with experts in the industry, and ultimately launched their first company, Cannabidiol Life, as an educational resource about the potential healing power of cannabinoids, in 2016.

After a couple years of successful growth as the educational resource, Christopher and Jen saw increasing demand for trustworthy products and decided to add a line of CBD products onto their business model. To ensure the purity of their products, they spent months identifying an organic-centric partnership with a vertically integrated grow and extraction program in Colorado. Using a USDA Organic, patented methodology for the purest production, the products are controlled from seed to shelf through this unique relationship and partnership for safety and purity guarantees that are unparalleled.

To give the products additional credibility, the team added Jessica Arent, a renowned speaker, educator, and advocate for plant science medicine, as Chief Compliance Officer to help bring their philosophy and products across the US and overseas. With the mission of serving People, Planet, and then Profit, they want to make sure buyers are knowledgeable about what they’re putting into their body.


Because of the global and local reach on, the team decided to become a seller on the B2B ecommerce marketplace. According to Jessica, “We recognize the value and stronghold globally that has, and we see this as an advantageous partnership.”


Having only been on the platform the last few months, Cannabidiol Life took part in the Beauty & Personal Care trade show in July 2020 and are currently in talks with a myriad of strong potential buyers. The team looks forward to continuing their efforts on the platform to expand their educational mission and growing line of USDA-patented products and benefits to new customers and markets.

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