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Tips to improve your Product Keywords
What is Product Keyword and its importance?

A Product Keyword is the word or phrase that buyers will use to find your product, company or trade lead in our search engine.


Over 80% of Alibaba.com members use our search engine to find what they want to buy. So choosing the most relevant keywords to get higher exposure in buyer search results and help the right buyers find your product.

How to improve your Product Keywords?

1. Where to improve your Detailed Description?

Step 4
Select Product to be improved
Step 5

2. General Tips to improve the Product Details.

  • The keywords should not be conflicting with product name.
  • Use the popular keyword that buyers search.
  • Use correct hierarchical approach when filling the keywords.
  • Include Alias that buyers may use.
  • You can set 3 keywords in total. All of them share the same priority. 
  • Do not list the keywords repeatively. 


Here are comparisons of good and bad uses of product keywords:



3. Get Product Keywords Suggestion

Choice 1:

Go to  My Alibaba>Products>Manage Products. While you edit product and enter your own keyword in "Product Keyword" field, a drop-down keywords list will be shown like below. You can choose "Popular Search Keywords" or "Smart Keywords". 


Smart Keywords are often used by buyers but rarely by suppliers. Targeting these keywords will get you orders fast. These keywords may not draw huge search volumes but they will attract buyers looking for your specific product. By using Alibaba.com’s Smart Keywords feature, you can place your products in the ideal position to attract the most number of buyers while avoiding unnecessary competition.

Choice 2:

You can also get keyword suggestions from Alibaba.com's homepage by inputting a keyword into the Search Bar. You will take a reference to the keywords in Related Search.

Choice 3:

Check the hot keyword in your industry with the help of Hot Keywords under Industry Advisor.




Where to check the performance of your Keywords?

You may go to Products –Listings Optimization Tools-Keyword Optimization, to find your keywords performance and improve accordingly.