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Tips to manage Subaccounts
What is a Subaccount?

Sub-accounts allow you to add up to 5 accounts to your Alibaba.com administrator account. Each one is a stand-alone account that can display products and contact customers.

How to Manage the Subaccounts?

1. How to create a subaccount?

Step 1
Sign into My Alibaba
Step 2
lick Account on the right top
Step 3
Add a New Subaccount

2. How to manage the Subaccounts?

1). You can allocate different sub-Accounts to different employees at your company, e.g. your sales representative, manager, etc.  

2). Since all sub-accounts are controlled by your administrator account, you may distribute customer inquiries across different sub-accounts and monitor feedback quality to enhance productivity.

     You can set the message allocation rules at Message Setting.

Subaccount User Rights

Gold Supplier members now have four kinds of accounts with different user rights. You can allocate different sub-accounts to different employees of your company to enhance productivity.

1. Four Account Types

Gold Supplier members have 4 kinds of accounts. The basic user rights are as follows:
• Sales Assistant: Display new products, Manage products and product groups, Manage Photo Bank
• Sales Representative: Display new products and manage assigned products, Manage inquiries and customer contacts of own products and products assigned by a supervisor.
• Sales Manager: Display new products and manage own and subordinate products, Manage own inquiries and customer contacts and those of subordinate.
• Administrator: In addition to the rights above, the Administrator account can also manage the Company Profile, Custom Pages, and all Sub-Accounts; set a company contact person; and manage all inquiries and contacts.


2. Notification Emails 

Situation Notification email sent to:
Products are returned by Alibaba.com for violating product listing policy The product owner
Fraud complaint or trade dispute Administrator
There is a complaint regarding infringement (e.g. trademark, brand name) Administrator
Matched to a RFQ as a supplier Administrator
Quotation to RFQ is approved or returned The account owner who submits the quotation