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Tips to Get More Inquiries from Buyers
What are inquiries?

Inquiries are messages sent from buyers about your products or company (excluding TradeManager messages and messages filtered by the system in your spam box).

Where to check for high click rate but low inquiry products?
Tips for receiving more inquiries on high clicks products

How to improve the quality of your product postings and attract more interest in your products:

  • Add accurate, useful product details to the product name
  • Use accurate, clear product pictures
  • Set appropriate MOQ limits & prices for each product
  • Add detailed product specifications with multiple photos of your products and introduce your products in a comprehensive & clear way
1. Basic Information
2. Detailed Description
3. Other Information

Additional Tips:

1). Maintain a good response rate and display it to build confidence.

2). Stay logged into TradeManager & display your inquiry response rate online so that buyers can easily contact you.

3). Display your products to emphasize your company strengths and product’s advantages.

4). Demonstrate your after-sales services and supply capabilities.