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Tips to improve your product Customer Views
What are Customer Views?

 Customer Views are the number of views your products or company receive by buyers in the search results list or under category searches on Alibaba.com.

Tips for improving your Customer Views in the search results

1.Add suitable keywords with high traffic from buyer searches to your product names to increase the Customer View


  a) Where to find the suitable keywords?

Select low performing products under Products->Products with Performance. 


b) How to use the suitable keywords to improve the Customer Views?


Next to each of your products under “Buyer Query with Views”, you can see which keywords buyer use to search for your products. Each keyword also has a ranking for clicks and views.

We suggest that you select 2 or 3 keywords with high ranking and add them to the Product Name in order to gain a higher search ranking. 


Example: Bed cover

Improved to : Hand block print cotton bed cover


2. Increase your keyword rankings for more exposure

  • You can put the improved products into your Product Showcase to get higher ranking and exposure. Learn how to add Product Showcase here.
  • Enhance the buyer preference to your products by improving your product picture, adding more specifications, FOB price, MOQ, etc. to increase your product ranking. Learn more about improving your product listings here

3. Display more products for more exposure

The more products you display online, the greater your chances of being discovered by buyers.