Businesses using ads see a 30-50% average increase in traffic.*
unique visitors
*Data from 2018
Use your data
Get realtime information on how your ads are performing, so you can optimize campaigns.
Control your budget
Spend as much or as little as you want, and only pay when your ads get clicks.
Target the right buyers
Advertising helps you get visibility from relevant buyers who are searching for products like yours.
Advertise in a way that’s best for your business
Whether you’re a seasoned ad pro or want the system to do the work, there’s an ad solution that’s right for you.
Automatic targeting
A good option if your products are mostly from one category. With the new smart selection feature, you only need to set your bids and budget. The rest will be done by the system.
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Custom targeting
A convenient and more accurate way to advertise. Select products to promote as a part of the campaign and choose your audience, region, and blocked words
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Keyword targeting
A keyword-focused product based on buyer search behavior. Allows you to reach buyers when they search for the top keywords for your products.
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Where your products show up
5 positions on the first page of search results
10 positions on the right of each page of search results
Top 5 positions below each page of search results
2 positions for every 1 organic position on mobile webpage search results
1 position for every 3 organic positions on the first page of search results on the app
Get started with advertising today
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Log in and add money into your account in the Marketing Center
Set your budget
Determine the amount you want to spend. You can adjust at any time.
Customize campaign
Select from our ad products and design your campaign strategy
Start campaign
Start spending your ad dollars
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